12 weeks, 1 day…

At 12 weeks pregnant with Sophia, I found out that Sophia was not going to make it. As I approached this week in my second pregnancy, many things crossed my mind. Was my baby healthy? Is it growing on track? What will I do if I lose this baby? I prayed, loud and hard, that God would do His will in my child’s life. I understand that life is short, and that there are no guarantees that we have tomorrow, even when you are in your mothers womb. I learned all of this through my beautiful Angel Sophia. Never take life for granted, and thank God for the life you do have EVERY DAY!

I had an ultrasound today. I am 12 weeks and 1 day pregnant. One day over the day I found out about Sophia. I was so incredibly nervous at the doctor, and the ultrasound tech understood what I had faced before. I nervously waited for her to start the scan, and when she did, it was beautiful. Our amazing miracle baby was on the screen, kicking, stretching, dancing, but most importantly… healthy. 100% perfect. And BIG! Our baby was measuring 5 days ahead of what it should be. It has its daddy’s long arms and long legs, and of course his big feet (:

We got to watch the baby play around for 15 minutes or so, and there were no markers for any chromosome abnormalities. 

I just wanted to write this post to update everyone on our beautiful rainbow baby, and thank everyone for the continued thoughts and prayers. Bobby and I could not do this without the extra help of a few good words from good friends to the man upstairs. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

I am going to post a few pictures from the ultrasound, enjoy!

Love you all, and God bless!


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I haven’t updated in a long time!

So much has gone on in the last few months. Sorry I haven’t updated in so long! 

I suppose the biggest news is that we are pregnant again! Today, I am 10 weeks pregnant, and I am due May 7, 2013. We are so excited and cannot wait to meet our miracle. We have a gender ultrasound on November 14, but will find out the true gender on November 17 at our gender reveal party! Though we are understandably nervous, Bobby and I both know that Sophia is watching over her little brother/sister and making sure that everything goes smoothly for mommy and daddy. She is our guardian angel, truly. We found out we were expecting on August 31, 2012: 1 year and 10 days after we lost Sophia. God works in mysterious ways ❤

I will update more as soon as possible, but wanted to share the news with people who have not heard!

Love to all ❤


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Bride <3

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Well, it’s been a while…

First of all, i’m sorry to all of those who have been coming back to see how I am, just to be let down that I haven’t blogged in 5 months. I am a slacker, but not for any bad reason. So to catch you up.. here is how my life has been in the last few months

I got married! On April 14, my (now) husband and I tied the knot. I couldn’t be more blessed to have such a wonderful and loving husband to be with me through anything. You know how when a song comes on the radio and you’re thinking, man I want a love like that… I feel like, wow, this song doesn’t even come close to how much love I have for this man (: He is my everything and I thank God that He brought me someone so completely perfect for me in every single way imaginable. 

It’s officially been 9 months and 9 days since Sophia was born. Thinking about the fact that she would be standing on her own by now still kills me. I wish with all of my heart that she could be with me, but at the same time I am so thankful that she never had to experience life here, and only knew the safety of my tummy and now the love of God in heaven. Bobby and I definitely want to give Sophia siblings, but we are waiting for God to tell us when that time is. It’s incredibly difficult to see all the new mommy’s that I am friends with, and see how they’re babies are growing up. (Not to say that I am not so happy for all of them). But I know that in time, God will bless Bobby and I with another baby and I will be able to share with him or her the story of their big sister, what a great fighter she was and how her story touched thousands. I feel blessed to know that throughout my next pregnancies, I will have Sophia as a guardian angel watching over me and her little brother/sister. 

I am in my second semester of my junior year as of today. I will be graduating from college in July of next year, and hopefully starting Dental School next August (2013). The thought blows my mind. Time is flying by so incredibly fast, sometimes I feel as if i’m going to fly off the earth into outer space! But I guess that’s how life is sometimes, isn’t it? 

Anyways, I’m sorry, once again, for not updating in FOREVER. Please leave comments/questions/love, I want to talk to the people who have been praying for me throughout the last 9 months (:


Love you all and God Bless ❤


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Today is Sophia’s due date…

36 weeks ago today, I found out I was pregnant. 24 weeks ago today, I found out about Sophia’s diagnosis. The time is flying by so fast, it’s crazy. Sometimes it feels like it’s getting easier, but then I hit days like this, accentuated by the fact that today was the day she was due, that it gets beyond hard. I know I will face hard moments, and in time I know it will get a little bit easier, but sometimes I still ask why this happened to me. I praise God that He has given me this story to share with people that are going through similar things, and I know that when I get to meet Him in heaven, I will know automatically why these things happen. Until then, I am just going to sit back and thank Him for the life He has so selflessly given to me. The last 36 weeks of my life have been the most trying, but most rewarding of my life. I have so much to look forward to and thank Him for, so I am just going to sit back and let Him to continue to lead and direct my life.
I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while, life is getting pretty busy with getting ready for the wedding and keeping up with school. Love you all and thank you for taking time to keep up with me.

Also, as I promised last time, I had a question about when Bobby and I would try for another baby:
We are getting married on April 14, 2012. We aren’t totally positive when we will try again, but I wouldn’t mind having a June 2013 baby.

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